Things That Make You Say Hmmm?

Ideas Internal

Ideas Internal

The word is awe is pronounced aw, it’s meaning can vary immensely.

Example # 1: Have you seen the new S.O.A.Q. sneakers? Totally awesome

Example # 2: Have you seen the old S.O.A.Q. sneakers? Totally awful

Ideas Internal; A cup with some should be less then a full cup but totally awesome looks more important than totally awful…

One thought on “Things That Make You Say Hmmm?

  1. to let you know there is nothing awful about the man that I call my big brother. Everything you say, do, wear, is nothing but amazing. So proud of you and what you are doing in this life. I am so glad that you are the one that can all ways see the sun shine when it rains because every time I am down I know that you are the sun that shines through my rain

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