Collective Flow Bio

Collective Flow Rainbow Logo

Collective Flow Rainbow Logo

Various backgrounds have given birth to the unquestionable prototype for music’s divine, inspiration group. At the intersection of full amazement and great possibility, the all points bulletin successfully rendezvous. What is captured is the result of a long awaited full incubation for musical celebration. One with a revolutionary sound. A clear destination. Bluntly stated; the movement with a message.

The location: planet earth
The year: 2005 AD.
The occasion: the musical union of truth to power
First name: Collective
Last name: Flow
Weight at birth: Heavy
Time of delivery: 9:54 pm
Purpose: with guided sight SHINE THE LITE

has a strong legacy of reaching the listeners, restoring trust in lyrical communications. Swiftly embodied the purest principles in free-styled funk commentary. Blending their multi-versed talents into one uni-versoul musical panacea (cure-all), effortlessly gliding through genre and styles. Hip-Hop has hope! R&B rocks and bounces. Poetry flows with ease from knowing it’s the “Collective Flow”. Stages from Camden Yard to N.Y.C.s Knitting Factory, the Canal Room to the Apollo, Restoration Plaza straight through the East River Amphitheatre’s hosting of the 1st annual N.Y.’s Make Music Festivals have bore the brunt of Collective Flow’s weight. Notwithstanding the Emergenza World Music Festival, rendering top honors to The Flow, but legendary status is heard in the echoes of the Arts-On-Third historic archives. Spider-man III was no stranger to their potential where grand champion is how the Collective Flow became known during NYC Spiderman Week. Rapathon phenomenons at the Magic Johnson’s Theatres.

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